Aditya - Love Will Find You

F#m     B                             G#m - C#m
Remember when we used to talk

F#m       B             G#m                  C#m

Sharing our hearts went through the night

F#m            B                    G#m - C#m
Your voice whispering in my ear

                  D    B
We take it slow let the love talking
F#m        B                           G#m - C#m
But now you seem to holding back

F#m       B          G#m        C#m
The way you feel about my heart

F#m    B                        G#m - C#m

I just can feel your emptiness

              D          B
Baby be cool and you will know


                   E                       Bm
Love can be fun, love may be hurt

                    A                          B
Love can be everything you want it to

                 C#m                 F#
Open your eyes just see it through

                         D#   B 
And just give it a try, love will find you

F#m     B                 G#m - C#m
i wanna be your true love,

F#m      B     G#m        C#m
I can fill in to your loneliness

          F#m                 B                 
i wanna be everything that you want me to

G#m            C#m    D          B
give me your sign lady and you will know


F#m                            B
You will know way you give it try

E                            C#m
Love not bad as it always can be

            F#m                               B
So give faith on me girl and I will share you my world

            E                                   C#m
Never thought I will leave you I hope you in my arms from now

C                                    B
Love will give me by your side

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